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River Cruising Europe

July 24, 2017

There are all kinds of cruises; yacht cruising, river cruising, small ship which can vary a few hundred to a few thousand people and then there is the large three to five thousand person cruises. This last October I went on my first river cruise with Viking. It was an incredible experience! 

This trip was a surprise trip for my grand mother's 80th birthday. She was not expecting my brother and I to join her and my mom on this trip. It had been a while since the four of us had traveled together....just us!  And boy did we have a good time all the way from Amsterdam to Budapest! 


The ship was beautiful. Long and lean. She only carries a couple hundred people so it was small an intimate, which is way different experience than traveling on a larger cruise ship with thousands of people. The shape of the ship allowed us to get through the many locks up and down the Danube and Rhine rivers. 


Here is my brother Scott and I getting ready to run around Germany. We ended up at the zoo, some of the signs were cracking us up! 


Without being able to read it, we pretty much got the gist of what is was warning us about LOL!! 

Each day we were in a different city. This type of cruising is nice because for the most part it is calm. You don't have to worry about the "motion" of the water really. You get to wake up and be in a different place each day and because the time to get from city to city is relatively short, you get to spend more time in each location. Some times there are over night stays as well where you can experience and enjoy the night life of where ever you are. 


It was nice to be able to walk the small towns in Germany. I loved the old half timbered houses. Some of them date back to the 1300's. WOW!! I kind of felt like I was in a movie. Some of the little towns are so beautifully adorned with detail that it was like being on a movie set! 



Other times is was nice to be able to sit up on the top deck and watch as the towns came and went. There was a portion of the Rhine where literally there were castles every where. We cruised a long and the announcements came, castle on the left, castle on the right...truly incredible to see what life was like thousands of years ago. I was mesmerized! Here are just a few....





Outside of the easy of access to small towns, land activities and amazing scenery. There are many other awesome activities that are included on a river cruise: 


~ Cultural activities like lessons in the local language, the history or culture. 

~ Learning the local dances or music. 

~ Getting the opportunity to taste the local flavors of food or wines from the region. 

~ Oh and don't forget the wine and beer with your meals! 

    and so much more....


If you have not been on a river cruise, if you do not like big ships, if you have motion sickness, if you want a more cultural immersion experience or if you just want to do something different....I suggest a river cruise. There are many options all over the world for you to explore! 


Explore and Discover a whole new way to travel!! You never know what you are going to find!! 


~ Phoenix 









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